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RENEW LIFE FibreSMART (454 gr)

RENEW LIFE FibreSMART (454 gr)

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  • Great Source of both soluble and insoluble fibres
  • Improves Bowel Health, promotes regularity
  • Natural Flax and Borage seed fibre
  • Contains probiotics and amino acid for extra digestive support
  • Description

    Renew Life - FibreSMART - 454 Gram(s) - NPN: 80029289 -- FibreSMART is a unique dietary fibre supplement, which is available in two forms: in a powdered supplement that can be mixed into water or juice, or in a capsule form.FibreSMARTs dietary fibre enhances the bodys ability to remove toxins and increases the volume of your stool. It is not only a source of dietary fibre, but a complete digestive care formula. It contains herbal ingredients that work to heal damage to the intestinal tract.Most people take dietary fibre to reduce constipation, however, most constipation is due largely to dehydration in the colon. Almost 95% of the fibre products sold in the market are made from psyllium fibre. Psyllium is a highly water-soluble fibre, which means that it absorbs water. This can further dehydrate the colon, making most people even more constipated.FibreSMART contains flax seed, acacia fibre and guar gum which contains a blend of roughly 50% soluble fibre and 50% insoluble fibre. This ratio allows FibreSMART to absorb toxins, excess cholesterol, and increase elimination without the constipating side effects created by other fibre products.

    Medicinal Ingredients
    • Flax5500 mg
    • Guar gum400 mg
    • Gum acacia1400 mg
    • Indian gooseberry17 mg
    • Marshmallow50 mg
    Non-Medicinal Ingredients
    • Stevia