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NOVA SCOTIA ORGANICS Womens Multivitamins & Minerals

NOVA SCOTIA ORGANICS Womens Multivitamins & Minerals

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A robust, balanced, daily Multivitamin and Minerals formula specially formulated for Women. A complete multivitamin thats got you and your body covered. A robust, balanced, daily Multivitamin and Minerals formula for women.Packed with 20 essential vitamins and minerals, including Vitamins A, B, C, D3, E, K, Biotin, Folate, Niacin and Zinc, our Women's Multivitamins & Minerals formula is a complete multivitamin for Women. To make it even better, all of these ingredients are <div class="ingredients-list"> span class="title">Medicinal Ingredients /span> ul class="medicinal"> li> span class="ingredient-name">Ascorbic acid /span> span class="ingredient-amt">30 mg /span> /li> li> span class="ingredient-name">Biotin /span> span class="ingredient-amt">120 mcg /span> /li> li> span class="ingredient-name">Calcium /span> span class="ingredient-amt">150 mg /span> /li> li> span class="ingredient-name">Folic acid /span> span class="ingredient-amt">125 mcg /span> /li> li> span class="ingredient-name">Iodine /span> span class="ingredient-amt">50 mcg /span> /li> li> span class="ingredient-name">Iron /span> span class="ingredient-amt">2 mg /span> /li> li> span class="ingredient-name">Magnesium /span> span class="ingredient-amt">6 mg /span> /li> li> span class="ingredient-name">Manganese /span> span class="ingredient-amt">&lt; 1 mg /span> /li> li> span class="ingredient-name">Selenium /span> span class="ingredient-amt">8 mcg /span> /li> li> span class="ingredient-name">Vitamin A /span> span class="ingredient-amt">750 RAE /span> /li> li> span class="ingredient-name">Vitamin B12 /span> span class="ingredient-amt">3 mcg /span> /li> li> span class="ingredient-name">Vitamin B3 /span> span class="ingredient-amt">3 mg /span> /li> li> span class="ingredient-name">Vitamin B5 /span> span class="ingredient-amt">5 mg /span> /li> li> span class="ingredient-name">Vitamin B6 /span> span class="ingredient-amt">4 mg /span> /li> li> span class="ingredient-name">Vitamin D3 /span> span class="ingredient-amt">500 IU /span> /li> li> span class="ingredient-name">Vitamin D3 /span> span class="ingredient-amt">13 mcg /span> /li> li> span class="ingredient-name">Vitamin K2 /span> span class="ingredient-amt">5 mcg /span> /li> li> span class="ingredient-name">Zinc /span> span class="ingredient-amt">1 mg /span> /li> /ul> span class="title">Non-Medicinal Ingredients /span> ul class="non-medicinal"> li> span class="ingredient-name">Blueberry powder /span> /li> li> span class="ingredient-name">Carnauba Wax /span> /li> li> span class="ingredient-name">Ginger Root Extract /span> /li> li> span class="ingredient-name">Green tea extract /span> /li> li> span class="ingredient-name">Inulin /span> /li> li> span class="ingredient-name">Turmeric /span> /li> /ul> /div>